Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ain't no party like a Jedi party...unless you're a girl?

And there was one there. Not only was she the only girl, but she didn't know anyone but TZ and one other boy--and both of them were too battle-crazed to pay much attention to her.

My wonderful "niece", HH, held her own in the "keep the balloon in the air" game, but respectfully declined to run the Jedi training obstacle course, which involved doing battle with Sith baddies on the way out and back. She rode her bike/starfighter through the slalom course in the street, but at the end of the party, as a Sith-Jedi battle raged around her, she sat and patiently worked out a coded message that was supposed to have warned the Jedi of the Sith attack (the Sith were miscued and came out to fight before the code was broken, much to my dismay and the Jedis' delight--they were getting bored with the code and starting to wander off).

I am not sure what her take on the whole thing was. I think she enjoyed herself. The other mothers-of-sons saw her during the final battle, smiled, and said, "They're just different, aren't they?"

On the other hand, once HH was done with the code, she and her sister took up their lightsabers and attacked their daddy with great zeal, so maybe it was just a matter of whom she knew.

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