Monday, February 14, 2011

Get into the escape pod!

Dan is playing with his friend R. Star Wars, of course. The two of them are under heavy fire from storm troopers who have boarded the ship.

R: Chioom! Chioom-chioom! Get in the escape pod first! I'll hold 'em off!
D: No, you get in first!
R: No, you get in!
D: No! You get in!
R: No, you!
D: Fine! (gets into the couch-and-blanket fort/escape pod)Okay, I'm in! Get in, Captain!
R: No, not yet!
D: Get in, already!
R: No!
D: Come on! Get in!
R: Okay, I'm getting in! (the fort collapses) Ahh! The pod is damaged!
D: Get out!

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