Thursday, May 5, 2011

Civil Disobedience II

And on Monday evening, after the first day of testing (actually, it was a day of bubbling in name, school, etc., and doing a bunch of sample questions together), Dan said, "I think I don't want to do the tests, after all." He asked a couple of questions along the lines of "It's not like at Hogwart's, where you have to pass the test in order to move on to third year? You don't have to pass the tests to go to third year?"

So I wrote the note to the principal, emailed his teacher, and dropped him off at school with Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke.

Dan ended up forgoing Dragon Rider in favor of the Dragon Slayer's Academy series and the Boxcar Children series, which his teacher has in the classroom. His friends asked why he wasn't taking the tests, and he replied that his mom said he didn't have to. The standard response was apparently, "Oh."

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