Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chicago photos

Chicago in July. The middle of a heat wave. Ugh. But it was still fun. The photos are completely out of order, no thanks to blogger. Oh, well.

playing in the backyard

Johnny and Baachan
A quiet moment indoors

The 80-ft. long slip-n-slide, made from materials they had on hand. Who has 480 square feet of plastic tarp-y material? Someone who cut up a 480-sq. ft. plastic tarp that he used to make an ice rink in his backyard last winter: lay the plastic on level ground, turn the hose on, and freeze overnight. Then in the summertime, cut into strips, lay it on a hill and turn on teh hose. Add dishwashing liquid to make it even more slippery. Classic JC (my friend from high school).
watching a regatta on Lake Michigan from the C's beach

The beach. Perfect place to spend a 95 degree day.

Johnny and Jiji
At Homer's for ice cream.

Eating more ice cream at Navy Pier.

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