Friday, April 30, 2010

The boys, again (finally) and photos

So much navel gazing lately. So now some actual news:

TZ took his first swimming lesson of the season this Tuesday. It was a private lesson at this little swim and tennis club (long story). We'd tried three times this past month to start lessons, but the first time, I got the time wrong, the second time, the teacher got the time wrong, and the third time RT got the time wrong--every time, we'd get there, get the chronically nervous TZ all psyched up, and find out that there would be no lesson.

Tuesday rolled around (again) and it was rainy and windy and 64 degrees and I dreaded having to get TZ mentally prepared on the way to the (outdoor) pool. I did my Stuart Smalley daily affirmation and felt...okay...about myself for making him do it. TZ was quietly resigned on the way there, and didn't launch into his usual whining and begging not to go. Once we arrived, he confessed, "I'm thinking to myself, 'I hope he's not there, I hope he's not there." But he hopped out, ran to the bathroom, trotted out to the pool deck with me, and when the teacher appeared and said, "Come on in," TZ jumped right in. No clinging, no weeping, no hesitation at all. I was so relieved. And so proud of TZ. And he was proud of himself.

Later that evening, TZ refused (rudely) to come in for dinner because he wanted to complete his "mission" as Clone Captain Rex outside. To make matters worse, he summoned Commander Cody, who was just thrilled to be invited to the game of Let's Disobey Mommy, and went galloping gleefully off to join his big brother.

Thank goodness we live in a place where I can just let the boys run around and not worry about their safety, because I was not about to go screaming after them. I went inside and breathed and tried not to feel punitive and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner alone. When they finally came in, both boys ate their dinner politely without complaining, and paid their dues without complaining, and I didn't have to be all mad about it.

Talking with KO about it later, I asked him what he'd done out there with TZ. He replied in true adoring baby brother fashion: "I just followed TZ around, because I love him."

And now, the photos.

The empty lot across the street beckons. How can a boy with a stick possibly resist?

 KO at his first soccer activity, and then looking cute. I took several photos of him in his crib during a nap the other day; the flash went off every time and he even never twitched an eyelid.

My bookworm. My fabulous sister was here reading to KO in the living room, and TZ, who was snagged by a book in the front hall, stepped outside, the better to concentrate on his own text. He stood out there for 20 or 30 minutes, completely engrossed. I'm not sure he even knew I was taking photos. He looked so grown up--I think it was the stance, leaning against the wall. And the baseball cap.

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