Friday, February 12, 2010

Bloody Valentines

My sweet-natured TZ and I made Valentine's cards for his classmates last night; I never could stand the little packs with the cheesy Valentine's Day puns that you buy at the drugstore, even when I was in first grade. He wanted a Clone Wars theme, which I couldn't handle. I just can't put an automatic weapon, even an imaginary one from another galaxy, on a Valentine's Day card, I told him. It's not right.

So fine, pirates. Doing battle with daggers, cutlasses, pistols, and cannons. And knights about to run each other through with their broadswords. It seemed more, I don't know, chivalrous and gallant when I bought the stickers, but my darling one created scenes in which characters are locked in mortal combat, or in which one character is menacing the other at point-blank range (the cards were small). It ended up being a lot more violent than a clone or Anakin just posing with a blaster or light saber and looking tough and inappropriately sexy. TZ covered the inside of each card with hearts, though. Cancels out the bloodlust on the outside, I hope.

Which is better:



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