Saturday, February 13, 2010

Speed Skating and Scarlet Fever

RT signed us up for satellite so we could watch the Olympics on TV. Tonight, we watched speed skating--the mens' 5000m. 23-yr.-old Dutchman Sven Kramer won by several seconds.

Sez TZ: Mom, do you think I could be faster than that guy when I grow up?
M: Well, maybe. If you work really hard.
TZ: I think I can go faster than him.

Afterwards, the boys did laps up and down the hall, playing Olympic speed skater. Drove me a little nuts so close to bedtime, but it was better than Clone Wars.

Poor TZ has scarlet fever. I know, who gets that anymore? Mary Ingalls actually went blind from it in one of the Little House books (By the Shores of Silver Lake, to be specific). Turns out that scarlet fever is just a variety of strep. The good doctor, who needs to work on his manner with patients, prescribed some liquid medicine, which TZ rejected. After whining and weeping about how awful it was going to be, and lots of dramatic sniffing and gagging, he spat it out three times. So I called and got a prescription for pills, which hopefully he'll swallow. Ha. Is it cruel to tell him he'll go blind if he doesn't take his medicine? So far, he seems to be getting over the strep anyway, as evidenced by the speed skating.

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