Friday, February 19, 2010

ski injuries

Up at Badger Pass in Yosemite, T spent a day snowboarding and almost a day skiing; last run of the day, of course, and we're going to try an intermediate run. It's a little too close for comfort as we move forward to get onto the lift, but T decides to go for it, and I decide to let him. The chair comes swinging around way too fast and knocks T off his feet, but he manages to cling onto the side of the chair, half on, half off. "Jump!" someone says, and he drops off, and moments later so do I. I cross over, and he's floundering in the snow, in tears, speechless. We manage to get back on the lift (I don't know why the lift operator didn't stop the lift, or why I didn't ask him to), and halfway up, T says his head still hurts, and he can't ski down the mountain. He falls off the lift at the top, blames me (of course) and complains about his head again.

Skip to the end of the story, five hours later at a children's hospital in Fresno. T has been on a backboard since the top of the mountain, completely immobilized and miserable and weeping. But it turns out after the x-rays have been examined that he's fine. And yesterday (the next day) it's as if nothing happened to him at all.

And then we watch all these horrific wipeouts on the women's and men's downhill, and I think, "What was I worried about?" Although probably they all were x-rayed just in case, as well.

In other news, Apolo Ohno is just such a hottie. And his teammate, J.R. Celski, is half, too. I couldn't be prouder.

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